CG Workshop

We just ended our CG Workshop today (29/11).We having our workshop for 4 days (26-29th Nov 2009). This is the 1st year we have such CG workshop. Although there were not many of the CG that joined the workshop,most of them enjoy and practice hard in the workshop.It is fun and memorable. Miss Janet is the CG Coach who teaching us all the CG skills. The CG that joined the workshop were Janice, Patricia, Amanda,Michelle,Small Irene, Hui Ling, Shi Yii and Johnny "Gogo". Other than practice the CG skill,we also had some nice activities like workshop flag drawing, hand prints and photos taking. During the workshop, most of the cg hurt themselves especially when they learned tossing. Although they hurt themselves, they still trying and doing their best to make those skills better. And we have a small celebration party at pizza hut just now. Haha! All of us ate till very very full. Through this workshop, all the cg improve their skills, confident and friendship.

What they said ??
Janice: I learned a lot in CG Workshop.虽然oche,不过很满足很好玩。CG Together We Can !!

学到了Toss。虽然打到了脸 but 觉得很满足哟!

I learn many new skills. Toss 好难!印象深刻~旗打到脸!还好,没有oche! =)

I learn TOSS!! 很满足!=)

Small Irene:
虽然这次我一直打到自己,可是我真得觉得我真的有进步了!我很开心!也希望下次如果还有CG Workshop,我要更进步!加油!

Hui Ling:
丢旗很好玩哦!虽然会伤到自己,不过痛只是一时,不久过后就很容易丢了。这次CG Workshop 很好玩,希望明年还有!

Shi Yii
我在这CG Workshop中,学到很多新的东西。虽然只是短短的4天但我学到了很多。希望我的Toss可以掌握得更好。

Johnny Gogo
: I finally able to memorize all the CG names : Amanda, Janice, Patricia, Michelle, Small Irene, Shi Yii and Hui Ling.

I'm glad and happy to have such fun times with those CG in these 4 days. 看到你们的努力和坚强的毅力让我感到很欣慰也很开心。要把这4天学到的东西记起来,继续努力用心的练习哦!还有要保持你们彼此的美好关系哦!爱你们哦!哈哈!!

The words from the CG...
The Colorful fingers "stars"
Guess which hands belongs to who ??

Our Hand prints!! haha
The target to achieve in the workshop that wrote by the CG !!

Celebration Party- Pizza Hut! :
Standing (From the left): Shi Yii, Small Irene, Michelle and Amanda
Sitting (From the left): Hui Ling, Patricia, Janet Jie Jie and Janice
The presents bought by Janet Jie Jie from KL.
Janet Jie Jie and Johnny Gogo.
CG Leader- Janice, CG Assistant- Patricia

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