2010 State Comp Pratice Time Table

28/4 (Wednesday), 2.30 till 5.30pm - Colourguard Practice.
29/4 (Thursday), 2.00 till 6.00pm - Percussion Practice.
30/4 (Friday), 12.30-4.30pm - Woodwind Practice.
1/5 (Saturday), 7.30am till 5.30pm - Band Practice.

* Start from 3rd May, the practice time please refer to the "Band Practice Time Table" which each of you get on 27/4 (Tuesday) from Miss. Janet. Any excuse, please inform President, Vice President or Instructor one day before the practice. Thank You !!

2. Please wear proper practice clothes for every practice!! ( NO Jean, No Slipper & NO short trouser)
3. Tidy up your own score and put them in a file. Bring it and a pencil for every practice !!
4. Prepare enough sunblock, cap and enough water for the coming practice !!
5. Last but not least, prepare yourself well before going to the practice !!

Practice For Student On Parade

Dear BODs and Members:
We will have our practice from Tuesday till Friday for Student On Parade.
Tuesday : 3 pm to 5 pm
Wednesday : 3 pm to 5 pm
Thursday : 8.20 am to 11.55 am
2 pm to 5 pm
Friday : 8.20 am to 11.55 am
2 pm to 5 pm
Please inform your friends about this practice.
For the members that involve in Student On Parade performance MUST go practice.
If have reasons and can't go practice, please inform President, Vice President or Leaders one day earlier before the practice.
Thank You!!


*Please click “PLAY" to run the video !! B4 that, please make sure you had pause the music at " The Rhythm Of Our Story" part. If not, this video will be lagging.TQ !

NEVER GIVE UP!! 就像影片里那位教练所喊的:继续!!加油!!你可以的!!用你的心!!
一样,无论现在这个乐队变成怎样,情况有多不顺利或多糟糕;记得,每一个人都不要小看你们自己!就算有多累,多辛苦.多难过,多难熬;只要用全心,尽全力,不断的尝试,不断的从失败中站起来前进,一直保持着永不放弃的精神,你们是可以突破甚至达到一些你们意想不到的结果!!因为不到最后,都一定还有进步/改善的机会!!所以记得,一定要合一, 用心,尽全力做好你们应做的一切;我相信你们可以!!也让我能为你们而感到骄傲!!记得千万不要放弃!!

By: Miss Janet

P/S:Hope you all will learn and understand something from this video !! TQ !