SMK Bintulu Marching Band 2009 Farewell Dinner

Our band had been doing a farewell dinner on 8th of september this year to farewell those form 5 and form 6 seniors in our band. The dinner is very nicely done, there were many performance during the dinner and some of those form 5 seniors have performance too. And below are some of the photos we took during the dinner. For more photo, please visit our band gallery. ~~ Thanks~

MC talking!!!

冷笑话比赛~(Cold Joke Competition)

Champion,1st runner up

Others ~

All the performance during the Dinner~

5 colourguard Dancing~

Shuffle Performance!!!

2 colourguard singing

2 Form 5 seniors singing, Nice one~ Hehe

Form 5 and form 6 senior members receiving presents from teacher.
Thank you for all the hard works that you all did in band.~~ Farewell !

Teacher is giving present to our music instructor -Mr.Miraz.Thanks for spending your time just to make us better, we will work harder!! Next is our new president and vice president giving presents to our band teachers~Mdm.Lau and Mdm Yek. Thank you teacher !!

DVD PLAYER!!!!!!!!!

WA! So heavy XD

Nice tupperware~ XD

Group Photo!!!!



PMR is coming !! Exam will be start from 7th Oct till 13 Oct !! Here to wish all of the PMR canditates GOOD LUCK !! Study hard for this few weeks. Soon all the tired will be gone !!
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2009 Farewell Dinner is Coming !!

Nowadays...most of us are busy for the coming farewell dinner which held on tis Sunday night. All of us are busy preparing the performance for that night! The "small size" cg are going to perform a modern dance,some of the boys are going to dance shuffle and we all are going to perform a mini orchestra that night also. Beside that, the 2009 competition memories video is going to show up on that night too....and for sure we'll have a special period for our beloved form 5 and upper 6 senior members !! We all very excited for the coming night !!
Still got 2 days to go !! =)