Student on Parade

Our school has organised First Series of Student on Parade at the school field. Our band has prepared a few days before the d-day which is on 2th April 2011, Saturday. There are more new members who join in this performance. This is a good news to most of the seniors in Form 5 since this is one of the most important year in their life. At here, we like to thank the senior members for sacrificing their time to prepare for the Student on Parade.

Picture of the making of performance on First Series of Student on Parade...

Colouguards Section

Woodwinds Section

Marching bell Section

Percussion Section

Marching Practice before the Rehearsal

Song Practice before the rehearsal


More Picture on the Student on Parade will be upload soon...

One Take!!!!!

Sorry for so long not updating the blog.....
Between the time from the last news in our band until now, our band have participated in a few performance and activities... It is a joyful way to end our 2010 and start the year of 2011 with members or it can be called a band family. Even though during holiday, lots of our members have gone for travelling and yet we can do our best for the performance. Thank you for the participation of the members, teachers and finally our instructor, Miss Janet.
__Below are some pictures to enjoy......
(The sequence below is not following the date of the performances and activities)

1. Junior Training Day...
we were able to borrow our school Bilik Kauseling for the juniors to have more introdution of our band

2. Practice on 29 November 2010 & 1 December 2010

3. Countdown Night

Stage of Bintulu Explanade

Group Photo after Perfomance



SM Kai Dee also performing during the countdown

4. After the Countdown Night, the next day, our band have New Year Parade

Our ''nanny''

Group Photo

Performance on 6 November...

Our band had our performance in:

*SMK Bintulu(Dewan Cenderawasih)
-Our band performed during the Award Giving Day. There are a lot of students have been awarded for their achievement throughout the year. So
me of our band member also getting their awards. While waiting for our turn to perform, we try to practice more. Meantime, there are taekwondo performance, poetry performance and others. Below are some pictures to enjoy.....

Warming Up session(Brass Section)

Percussion Section

Woodwind Section

Combined Session

Waiting for the taekwondo performance

Performance time

@ performance at the kindergarten will be upload later.....

This SATRUDAY have Practice...

There are going to have practice in this coming
  • Time: 7.30am-12.00noon
  • Date: 16/10/2010
  • Venue: School Astaka
*All member must come.
*Those who really cannot came, please INFORM your section leaders or assistant, president or vice presidents.
*Please be PUNCTUAL.
*PUNISHMENT will be given to those who are late or does not come without any reason.
*For more information, please look for:
  • Thomas Ling(4E)
  • Albert Tiong(4F)
  • Amy Yong(4S7)
  • Ting Yii Zhin(4S6)

Band Intensive Practice

Last week , on 9/09/2010-10/09/2010, our band had organized an Intensive Practice for the seniors or old members. As it was holiday, so there were not many seniors who attended the training. The Intensive Camp was conducted by our band instructor, Miss Janet as she came back to Bintulu for holiday. We all had been trained hard by Miss Janet during the practice. The practice were very interesting and it is a new style of training for us which we never did before.All of us feel very tiring after the training but it is worth !!

~Below are some pictures to enjoy....~

* More Picture will be uploaded due to technical problem*

Annual Band Camp is Coming!!!!

2010 Annual Band Camp

(M2M CAMP ( Marching 2 Music Camp)


Date: 18-23 December 2010 (Rest on 19/12/2010, Sunday)

Time: 7.30am-5.30pm


Fee: RM40 (Include lunch, photocopy, Christmas party & others)

Due Date for registration: 5/11/2010 (Friday)

*This year annual camp is ONLY for OLD MEMBERS.

· To reach higher standard through the improvement of our music, drill & discipline.

· To be prepared for next Marching Band State Competition 2011.

· Special and interesting game!

· Learn and practice more new skills and songs !

· This year will be a Different and Interesting camp!

*If you are interested, please get the registration form from:

· Morning session: Amy Yong(4S7) / Ting Yii Zhin(4S6)

· Afternoon session: Thomas Ling(4E) / Albert Tiong(4F)

*For more information, please find the people above.

*Any new member who is interested, please find Albert Tiong(4F) and Ting Yii Zhin(4S6). Thanks / *若有兴趣参与的新会员,请找张永平同学(4F)或陈雨苓同学(4S6)。谢谢。

SMK Bintulu Marching Band Board of Directors for the Year 2010/2011

Board of Director 2010/2011


Mdm Yek Hong Hong
Mdm Lau Yeng
Miss Lai Hui Yian
Mr Chieng Ching Lung

Band Instructor & Advisor
Miss Janet Yeh


Thomas Ling Yee Pheng (Percussion)

Vice Presidents:

Albert Tiong (Percussion)
Amy Yong (Woodwind)
Ting Yii Zhin (Brass)


Lau Yee Sieng (Percussion)

Vice Secretary:

Joyce Sia (Woodwind)
Thian Hui Fang (Woodwind)


Janet Loh (Woodwind)

Vice Treasure:
Kallen Yek (Percussion)

Drum Major:

Foo Kai Siang (Senior)

Drum Major In Training:

Ithra Ting (Junior)


Michelle Ling

Woodwind Leader:

Jacky Yong

Woodwind Assistants:

Ang Kim Joo
Amy Yong

Brass Leader:

Jason Lim

Brass Assistants:

Goh Loke Chin
Ting Chung Yew

Percussion Leader:

Yong Wee Lin

Percussion Assistants:

Leong Chan Wai
Darrel Si

Colourguard Leader:

Irene Ling

Colourguard Assistant:

Kueh See Yee

Uniform Officers:

Yek Shao Lian (Leader)
Wong Ling Foo(Woodwind)
Thomas Ting (Woodwind)

F&B Officers:

Ithra Ting
Darrel Si


Yong Cheng Kong (Colourguard)