Student on Parade

Our school has organised First Series of Student on Parade at the school field. Our band has prepared a few days before the d-day which is on 2th April 2011, Saturday. There are more new members who join in this performance. This is a good news to most of the seniors in Form 5 since this is one of the most important year in their life. At here, we like to thank the senior members for sacrificing their time to prepare for the Student on Parade.

Picture of the making of performance on First Series of Student on Parade...

Colouguards Section

Woodwinds Section

Marching bell Section

Percussion Section

Marching Practice before the Rehearsal

Song Practice before the rehearsal


More Picture on the Student on Parade will be upload soon...

One Take!!!!!

Sorry for so long not updating the blog.....
Between the time from the last news in our band until now, our band have participated in a few performance and activities... It is a joyful way to end our 2010 and start the year of 2011 with members or it can be called a band family. Even though during holiday, lots of our members have gone for travelling and yet we can do our best for the performance. Thank you for the participation of the members, teachers and finally our instructor, Miss Janet.
__Below are some pictures to enjoy......
(The sequence below is not following the date of the performances and activities)

1. Junior Training Day...
we were able to borrow our school Bilik Kauseling for the juniors to have more introdution of our band

2. Practice on 29 November 2010 & 1 December 2010

3. Countdown Night

Stage of Bintulu Explanade

Group Photo after Perfomance



SM Kai Dee also performing during the countdown

4. After the Countdown Night, the next day, our band have New Year Parade

Our ''nanny''

Group Photo