Is Malaysia Independence Day !! 31st Aug 2009 !! Malaysia oledi 52 years old !!
This year we dont hav the national day parade as previous years because of H1N1 !!
So this year we all having our national day holiday with family n friends.
Bendera Malaysia are everywhere....pergi sampai mana pasti ada bendera Malaysia.
Today the bahasa also jadi rojak because we're Malaysian ! A country with different culture, lifestyle, community, language, religion and costume. We LOVE Malaysia !! 1 Malaysia !!

The 15th Malaysia Secondary School Marching Band Competition 2009

Results :-

1st: SMK Sultanah Asma, Kedah
2nd: SMK Sam Tet, Perak
3rd: SMK Chung Hwa Wei Sin, Terengganu
Johor - SMK Tun Fatimah, Johor

SMK St. Joseph, Sarawak
SMK St. John, Kuala Lumpur
SMK Chung Hwa, Kelantan
MGSS, Pahang

SMK Derma, Perlis
SMJK Jit Sin, P.Pinang
SMJK Kwang Hua, Selangor

Best Preparation:
1st: Tun Fatimah
2nd: Sultanah Asma
3rd: Sam Tet

Best CG:
1st: SMK St.John - KL
2nd: SMK St.Joseph - Sarawak
3rd: Tun Fatimah - Johor

Best Drum Major
1st: SMK Sam Tet
2nd: Kelantan
3rd: CHWS