Bintulu Band Music Camp

Finally the music camp FINISH !! Wow, the camp is really tiring but we all enjoy it very much !! We learned a lot of new things in this camp this time. Although there are not many of them join the music camp due to the holiday traveling, we still enjoy ourselves in this 4 days, especially today!! We having a period of time of games and a small Christmas celebration party. There are some photos to share here....enjoy !!
P/S: For more music camp pictures, you can see after 2 days at our band gallery by clicking the gallery link.TQ!

1st Day:
2nd Day:

3rd Day:
4th Day:
Congratulations to all the PMR members for the excellent result !!

2010 Band Annual Meeting

Dear B.O.D,
We will have our 2010 Annual Meeting on next Monday (28th Dec 2009), 8.00am at school.
Each section please prepare your report and make sure u send your report to Irene two days b4 the meeting (26th Dec 2009).
This is an IMPORTANT MEETING !! All the B.O.D are COMPULSORY to attend the meeting. Those who cannot attend the meeting, please take leave or inform Irene Ngu with your good reason.

Those who had problems in preparing the report or planning, please ask for help from our advisor - Miss Janet as soon as possible.

Thanks !!

Mr.Nonami Is Coming Again !!!

Mr Mitsuo Nonami, a renowned band clinician, composer from Japan was born in Okinawa. He was a band member in the American Armed Forces station in Japan and was offered a job in the Yamaha Foundation after his graduation from the Nemono Institute of Music. He studied band composition under Bin Kanede a famous composer in Japan.

He has been the most sought after adjudicator in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. He has contributed much to the development of school bands in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr.Nonami will come to Bintulu again on 31st Dec till 2nd Jan 2010. There will be a music workshop at Kai Dee School. This workshop is open to SMK Bintulu Marching Band members. All members who are interested to join, please inform our band instructor, Miss Janet or band president, Lau Zhen Tung. The workshop fee cost RM50 include the lunch for 3 days. This is a very good opportunity for all of you to learn and improve ur music skill / knowledge. All the band B.O.D are
COMPULSORY to join!! Please do apprieciate this learning chance. Thanks !

Check Mail....

Dear B.O.D, please take some times to check your email b4 this Thursday (17 Dec 2009). Make sure each of you receive an email sent by secretary - Irene Ngu. Thank You !!
P/S: Dont forget hav to prepare for coming music camp o !! Good Luck !!

Anything can be done if there is a HEART !

Wondering what is all of this ?? How to get it ?? Just REMEMBER come and join our coming music camp and u will know it !!
All of this made by our advisor and some of the BOD ! It is nice, meaningful and special!

REMEMBER ! ~Specially For BOD

Dear BOD,
*Remember you all are a team now!
Remember our band slogan " TOGETHER WE CAN" meaning!
*Remember each of your position and responsible in the band!

*Remember to believe that you all can make a
better Bintulu Band in the coming year!
*Remember to do what you all
promise to do!
*Remember to set an aim or target and be clear in anything you do!
*Remember to organize a
systematic band management!
Remember to "stand up" after you "fall down"!
*Remember to use your
HEART in anything you're doing!
Remember to share rather than be a selfish person!
*Remember to
care and believe to each other!
*Remember to
Maintain and Keeps the members in the band!
*Remember to show and prove that you all
CAN be BELIEVE in doing any job!
*Remember to
think positive always and be thankful of what you all have and learn in the band!
Remember to think of the happy moments in the band when you feel bad or tired in the band!
*Remember that you all are the senior in the band now and have to show your
caring as a senior to the juniors!
Remember that you all have to grow up and be more independent!
*Remember that band is another big
music family for each of us!
*Remember that you are not alone in anything you do in this band!
*Remember that you all can
face and solve any big or small problems TOGETHER !
*Remember that if
YOU THINK YOU CAN then YOU CAN ! If you think you cant then you cant!
*Remember that our band always is a
strong and tough band!
don't compare the band with others because every band situation is different!
*Remember the
reasons that make you joined the band at 1st when you lost you heart in band!
*Remember there are always people who are willing to
help and care of you all !
*Remember to "
pick up the stone" in from of you b4 there is a "big high wall" appear in front of you! (碰到眼前的“石头”,不要不处理反要把那些石头捡起来;不要等到这些石头堆成一道又高又大的墙壁,那时要把这道墙除去会比当初捡起那些石头更辛苦!)

~Remember to
REMEMBER all of these above when you are lost or tired in what you are doing in band!