SMK Bintulu Marching Band Board of Directors for the Year 2010/2011

Board of Director 2010/2011


Mdm Yek Hong Hong
Mdm Lau Yeng
Miss Lai Hui Yian
Mr Chieng Ching Lung

Band Instructor & Advisor
Miss Janet Yeh


Thomas Ling Yee Pheng (Percussion)

Vice Presidents:

Albert Tiong (Percussion)
Amy Yong (Woodwind)
Ting Yii Zhin (Brass)


Lau Yee Sieng (Percussion)

Vice Secretary:

Joyce Sia (Woodwind)
Thian Hui Fang (Woodwind)


Janet Loh (Woodwind)

Vice Treasure:
Kallen Yek (Percussion)

Drum Major:

Foo Kai Siang (Senior)

Drum Major In Training:

Ithra Ting (Junior)


Michelle Ling

Woodwind Leader:

Jacky Yong

Woodwind Assistants:

Ang Kim Joo
Amy Yong

Brass Leader:

Jason Lim

Brass Assistants:

Goh Loke Chin
Ting Chung Yew

Percussion Leader:

Yong Wee Lin

Percussion Assistants:

Leong Chan Wai
Darrel Si

Colourguard Leader:

Irene Ling

Colourguard Assistant:

Kueh See Yee

Uniform Officers:

Yek Shao Lian (Leader)
Wong Ling Foo(Woodwind)
Thomas Ting (Woodwind)

F&B Officers:

Ithra Ting
Darrel Si


Yong Cheng Kong (Colourguard)

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